Registration has opened for the Israel Hofsheet Activist Training Course!

The Be Free Israel movement invites you to join the Tashtit Program, which provides hundreds of young adults throughout the country with real tools to implement social changes in Israel – on a local and national level.

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Secular Israelis Promoting Change!

About the Program:

The Tashtit Program offers ten sessions of lectures by senior professionals in a range of fields who provide a thorough overview of the social change scene in Israel. Focus is placed on personal empowerment and the professionals guide participants throughout group projects involving: activism, working with the media, lobbying the Knesset, working with local authorities, motivating activists, the Supreme Court as a tool for change, advertising, social media, resource development and more. Our special spotlight this time will be the local elections in October 2018 and motivating secular activists to come to the voting stations.

Our Lecturers:

Knesset members, mayors, judges, media personalities and journalists, PR specialists, leading activists, philanthropists, lobbyists and more.


Tashtit, Mahne Yehuda Market, Jerusalem


When and Where?

The Tashtit Program is a three-month program that takes place in locations all over Israel, once a week (in the evening) and it includes a national weekend seminar. At the end of the program, Tashtit graduates join our graduates organization and enjoy networking with other members from Tel-Hai to Arad, as well as the option of advancing personal and group projects on the local and national levels with the support of the Be Free Israel movement, and participation in additional unique seminars and activities run by Be Free Israel.

Registration has opened for the Israel Hofsheet Activist Training Course!Tashtit - Haifa 2018

The next course will also be featuring four unique groups:

A group focusing on LGTB | A group focusing on women | A group for Russian speakers | A group for the kibbutz movement

These groups will meet in Tel Aviv and receive all of the program’s usual content through the prism of their sector. The syllabus will include more content and sectorial/communal case studies, with a practical emphasis on projects unique to that sector/community.


Raviv Drucker, lecturer, Israeli journalist, political commentator 

Recommendations from Tashtit graduates:

Bracha Barad

Organizer of the SlutWalk, Founder of the Feminist Cell at Tel Aviv University

I participated in the Tashtit Program two years ago, and I continue to be involved in the Tel Aviv group. Participating in the Tashtit Program was an enjoyable and challenging experience for me, where I met men and women involved in many different types of social action and was exposed to new ideas. The sessions provided me with new tools for leading projects and honed the skills I already had.

Michal Ktoshevsky

CEO and Founder of Yambus

I participated in the first Tashtit program in Be’er Sheva a year ago. I really enjoyed meeting such special people, and especially benefited from the wonderful platform that Be Free Israel provides – upon which our initiative, Yambus (a cooperative providing public transportation to the beach on Saturday), was developed. Today, my friends from the course and I, together with many others, continue to work to promote public transportation on Saturday and make Israel a free country.

Ohad Hizki

CEO, The LGBT Organization

The Tashtit Program was an opportunity for me to learn more about the place where I live, to acquire significant tools that contribute to my social action and overall – an opportunity to meet partners who share my ideals.

Alex Kovashilovsky

Computer Engineer at Mellanox

During the program, I discovered an entire world of civil and social action that was presented to us from a wide range of angles by captivating lecturers and interesting content. The course gave me tools, expanded my horizons and most importantly, left me with a lot of food for thought about how I can make Israel a freer place.

Chana Rabin

Journalist and Media Personality

I joined Tashtit to feel part of something big, meet people who think and feel like I do and even start taking action myself. All of these goals were met and even surpassed. Tashtit peeled off the layer of cynicism that I had and the people I met gave me a reason to believe that there’s so much to do and that it’s really possible!

Adi Shamai

Education Officer in the IDF

I felt frustrated for years – on one hand, the situation bothered me, but on the other hand, I felt that there was nothing I could do about it. I happened to see an advertisement about the Tashtit course and something inside of me told me that I had to try it. Indeed, the Tashtit Program was the perfect answer to my predicament. I acquired skills, tools and knowledge about the situation while working with wonderful partners. It’s not only the clarity of understanding that we must be active, but also the knowledge that we in fact have the power to do something – with great partners!


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