Rabbi Kalman (Chuck) Davidson- The Freedom Marriers

"Don’t let anyone define Judaism!" says Rabbi Kalman (Chuck) Davidson is our very first Freedom Marrier!

Be Free desk08.02.15

Name: Rabbi Kalman (Chuck) Davidson


Occupation: Social Activist and advocate for conversion reform


Place of Residence: Beit Shemesh


How many years have you been officiating marriages?  This is my first year

Rabbi Kalman (Chuck) Davidson- The Freedom MarriersDon’t let anyone define Judaism! Rabby Chuck Davidson. Photography: Jenny Photography

Do you perform weddings through a movement/organization? No


What is the nature of the Chuppah ceremony you conduct? Halachically Orthodox for anyone who would like that, outside of the framework of the rabbinate.


Do you marry LGBT couples? No (But I support non-Halachic options for anyone who wants them, including LGBT couples)


Do you perform mixed marriages?No, but I perform conversions at an orthodox beit-din which has a more accepting approach than the Chief Rabbinate.  It’s more welcoming and accepting of converts.


So why did you take on the task of marrying couples yourself?  Because a pretty large proportion of Israeli couples are turned-off by the rabbinate and its coercive approach.  They would still like to have a traditional wedding, despite the efforts of the rabbinate to quell people’s love of Judaism.


What is the most memorable ceremony you conducted?  When I married a good friend to the love of his life.  Nothing comes close to conducting the wedding of a beloved friend.


Message to the Knesset: It’s time to separate religious matters out of state institutions.  Its ruining Judaism for all of us.


Message to the Jewish People: Don’t let anyone define Judaism!  Judaism is our legacy, it doesn’t belong to one group or another, and it certainly doesn’t belong to the rabbinate.  The Chief Rabbinate does not have a monopoly over Halacha, and certainly not over Judaism.  I think it is wrong that they act like they do.


To reach Rabbi Davidson about wedding ceremonies: cpdtorach@gmail.com


.Do you want to take part in the "The Freedom Marriers" campaign?  Write to inbar:  inbar@bfree.org.il


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